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"From Koala to Kingpin: A Success Story of Hustle and Determination"

As we celebrate World Koala Day and the inspiring hustle and success of the sleep-loving species, I can't help but reflect on my own core values that are reflected in this story.

Kara was a young koala who had a dream of opening her own eucalyptus shop. She loved eucalyptus more than anything and wanted to share her passion with other koalas. She knew that it would not be easy to start a business, but she was determined to make it happen.

As she saved up every leaf she could find and bought a small space in the forest market, decorated it with colorful signs and banners that said "Kara's Eucalyptus Shop". All she had to do was to stock it with different varieties of eucalyptus leaves, from sweet to spicy, from crunchy to chewy. She opted for the proven strategy to get more sales and repeat customers by offering some special treats, such as eucalyptus honey, eucalyptus tea, eucalyptus soaps and balm.

What can be the best way to win hearts? Oh, like opening her shop with a big smile and welcoming every customer who came by, what an amazing way to connect with customer. She was friendly, helpful and enthusiastic which helped her built good customer relationships. Her user experience was par excellence as she always explained the benefits of each type of eucalyptus and gave out free samples. She also offered discounts and loyalty cards to encourage repeat customers. Afterall you can’t buy customer loyalty but can certainly deliver value to receive it as a gift from them.

She worked hard every day, from sunrise to sunset, not getting bothered with long hours or the tiredness, after-all everyone needs to give that extra push towards the beginning of the business. She loved what she did as she was following her passion and she was happy to see her customers enjoy her products because she was offering pure value for their money - consistently. She was proud of her shop and her achievements.

She soon gained a reputation as the best eucalyptus seller in the forest. Her shop was always busy and crowded with koalas of all ages and backgrounds. She had many loyal fans who came back regularly and brought their friends and family. She also had some new customers who were curious about her shop and wanted to try something different.

She expanded her shop and hired some staff to help her run it, a lesson she had learnt while growing up that there is not harm in asking for help when you need it. Delegating some of her work also bought her time to redesign her products and brainstorm new ideas on how to grow business, form alliances, outreach sales and ideas of advertising her business. She also created a website and a social media account to promote her shop online. She reached out to more koalas across the forest and beyond. She received many positive reviews and feedback from her customers.

She became a successful and respected business owner. She achieved her dream and made a difference in the lives of many koalas. She was an inspiration to others who wanted to follow their passions and start their own businesses.

She never forgot where she came from or how she started. She always remained humble, grateful and generous. She donated some of her profits to charity and supported other local businesses. She also mentored some young koalas who wanted to learn from her experience and advice. One can create a legacy by sharing the knowledge and learnings from the experience.

She was happy and fulfilled. She had found her purpose and her joy in life.

At BNL CLUB we believe that the determination, leadership, empathy, contribution, loyalty, consistency, gratitude and resilience shown by the Koala are values that are also embodied by the BNL CLUB. What are your own core values and which part of the story resonated with you the most?

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