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Unlock the business growth strategies, expand to a brand level, and generate sales in the most organic way possible.
Yes, I want to grow my business with a clear brand message and a strong positioning!

A Free Webinar on How to Build a Purposeful and Profitable Business 

How to Turn Your Business into a Brand With its Unique Positioning in 3 Simple Steps?

Even if you are just getting started or already running your business but looking to scale it up.


Presented by Shweta Pandey,
Founder & CEO at The BNL Club.

She will discuss how difficult it was for her to go from one level to the next despite having 20+ years of experience as a working professional and subsequently shifting from a solopreneur to an entrepreneur.

Every business owner develops as a result of the knowledge and expertise of their business community circle, which they share in order to increase business growth.

Here, she will also reveal the techniques used by prosperous businesspeople throughout the globe to develop and expand their brands with the least amount of paid advertising.

Who Is This Webinar For?

Business Person

Business Owners

Successful Asian businessman walking


Remote Working


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Work from home ninjas

Public Speaker

Coaches & Trainers

Business Consultation


Who should attend this webinar?

  • Do you own a business or are you working for your business?

  • Are you experiencing GAIN or PAIN as a result of your work?

  • Is running your business running you down or giving you a sense of purpose?

  • Is your company making enough money to support you or expand your work?

  • If you are dealing with any of these difficulties, you must attend this webinar.

How will you benefit?

  • Clarity on how to be a successful entrepreneur in terms of both time and money.

  • How to lead in your niche and stay on top of business.

  • Boost your income

  • Improved business and personal development

  • Living a Life of Freedom

Don't Join If...

  • If you don't own a business

  • If you are not an action taker

  • If your business is just a hobby


  1. A quick hack to create your organic social proof.

  2. Instant validation as an industry expert.

Q & A

The webinar presentation will be followed by a detailed Q&A at the end.

Surprise Gift

Every participant attending the webinar is eligible to receive a gift at the end of the webinar.

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